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7th deMon workshop: Registration


Please fill in as many fields as possible. The completed registration form will be mailed to Once your registration is processed (this may take a few business days), you should receive a confirmation by e-mail. As a result, it is critically important that you supply a working e-mail address.

If you do not receive a reply within a week, please e-mail your registration information directly to the above address.

Participants staying on-site will be asked to pay for the room and board. The cost is expected to be approximately CAD$40. per day per person. Because of the limited accomidation on-site, we may need to allocate two participants per room.

Unfortunately, there is only limited public transportation available between Calgary Airport and the workshop site (see airport shuttle). One option for getting to the workshop site is to rent a car. The organizers will also provide the transportation between the airport and the workshop site on April 21st (arrival) and April 25th (departure) for particupants who request it. Because we only have a limited number of drivers, we are looking for volunteers, who can help us with tranporting other conference participants arriving or leaving at the same time to the location. If you have a valid driving licence are are willing to help, please mark the appropriate checkbox below.

The conference dinner is planned at the Coyote's Deli and Grill in Banff, Alberta. The expected cost is about CAD$50. per person.

IMPORTANT: Please note that your name, affiliation, arrival and departure times (but not other information) will be posted on this site. If you do not like your name to be posted, please indicate so.

Accomodation: On-site External
Transport to site: Required Not required
I can help with driving other participants to the site
Please give the day of arrival. If you require transportation from the airport to workshop location, please also give the time of your flight arrival and departure (if known)
Presentation title:
Conference dinner: Yes No
Special requirements (e.g. food, housing, etc.)
Please print this page for your records before you push the "Register" button

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