How to Change the Compiler

Suppose, as an example, that for the first compilation the GNU Fortran90 compiler was used and you now want to switch to the Intel $^{\mbox{\textregistered }}$ ifort Fortran compiler. To do so you must change the file $CREX_ROOT/deMon/.default-version. This file contains only one line similar to
For our particular example it has to be changed to
Next, you need to identify your system, so execute the command
You'll get an output like the following
 Creation of a master executable for deMon:
 Program version: x.y
 Revision       : z
 ifort Fortran Compiler is used
 Platform identified.
 Platform code: Linux-x86_64 (Xeon/Athlon 64-bit architecture) 
 CREX system code: Linux-x86_64
 Compiler code: ifort
The line CREX system code: is the important one. It points to the new database file. Thus, you have to ensure that in the directory $CREX_ROOT/deMon/x.y.z/database the file #.*.ifort exists. Here # stands for the value of the CREX system code, in this case Linux-x86_64. The * stands for the type of executable, which can be std, dbg, opt, mpi, pro or dpg. You have to change the compile options in the file #.*.ifort according to your needs. In case such a database file does not exist, it must be created. Before compilation with the new compiler the old object directories must be removed (
rm -rf $CREX_ROOT/deMon/x.y.z/object.x